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It became the first ride to be recognized by Guinness World Records™ as the highest achievement on Ojos del Salado, Chile: Between January 15 and 29, 2005, Rainer Zietlow. Ronald Bormann and six other team members used a Volkswagen Touareg „Expedition“ to climb the world’s highest volcano, whose snow-covered summit is 6893 meters high. The height of the tires, the chassis and the engine were not changed. The Touareg was to demonstrate that its off-road capabilities and engine power were sufficient for such a demanding journey. The extinct volcano was a real challenge for man and machine. The team had to fight for a week just to drive the Touareg up to a plateau 200 meters higher than the 6000-meter mark. With the differential lock and reduction gear activated, the vehicle finally reached the final record altitude of 6,081 meters on the west side of the volcano. Melting glacial ice and deep sand prevented Rainer Zietlow and his team from reaching even greater heights. After the descent and the return trip to Chile’s capital, Rainer Zietlow donated 50 cents for every meter of altitude to an SOS Children’s Village in Santiago de Chile.