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After completing the first natural gas driven circumnavigation of the world, Rainer Zietlow and Franz Janusiewicz, photographer, started their next tour on September 17, 2007, in Berlin. In a Volkswagen Caddy EcoFuel they drove via Shanghai to Bangkok, where they arrived on November 15, 2007. 

This marathon drive of 22,000 kilometers was an on-road test for a new granulate material, which was supposed to extend the range of natural gas as fuel. It was the first time that a German natural gas car had driven across Nepal and into the highlands of the Himalaya to Tibet, crossing the access road of the Mt. Everest base-camp. 

In China, the team visited the „Challenge Bibendium“, the world largest event of its kind for alternative fuel. Zietlow and Januczewicz were the only participants who arrived on their own four wheels. 

The network of natural gas filling stations in China is well developed, with taxis and buses runing on gas. Via Laos and Vietnam, the team reached Bangkok, where the Volkswagen Caddy EcoFuel was presented at the world´s largest natural gas trade fair. 

Once again, Rainer Zietlow made a donation to the aid organization SOS Children’s Village. For every kilometer driven, 20 cents went to two Children´s Villages in Kathmandu/Nepal and Lhasa/Tibet.